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St Matthews Healthcare provides professional, personalised and
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Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Brain injury is unique to every patient; some damage to the brain may be irreversible, so rehabilitation involves helping different areas of the brain to take over activities of the damaged areas. Just as importantly, individuals and their family must be helped to cope with any remaining disabilities

In 2016 we launched a new service dedicated to supporting people with Acquired Brain Injury which is currently delivered from our Broomhill site in Northampton, whilst a new purpose built unit is under construction in Coventry. It provides full neuro-behavioural rehabilitation for all forms of Acquired Brain Injury for men over eighteen, as well as some neuro-degenerative conditions.

Our intensive specialist brain rehabilitation service takes patients referred informally, as well as those subject to Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS). On admission service users are assessed by our full multi-disciplinary team including neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, occupational, physio and speech and language therapists. Our highly skilled team is qualified in dealing with patients with disinhibited and aggressive behaviour.

Care is tailored for patients who require behaviour management as well as physical and cognitive rehabilitation. Our expertise lies in supporting people who are experiencing serious psychological distress, including suicidal tendencies, and require intensive psychological therapy.

Our care environments are designed and equipped to meet the needs of service users with physical disabilities. Following assessment by our multi-disciplinary team, we assess what therapeutic activities patients need to develop new ways of completing daily living activities, as well as help them learn how to use specially adapted aids to promote independence. We foster positive risk-taking and much of our rehabilitation is carried out in real life settings, such as going to the shops. We are looking forward to offering patients that come to our new Hawthorne House facility the advantages of being located in a thriving city centre location and seek to exploit opportunities such as close proximity to the nearby education centres.

Our offering complements other neuro disability services in the county, providing a care pathway which starts with in-patient rehabilitation through to community placement, as well as short stay, secure, crisis admissions.

We have developed our service to plug a gap in the existing service provision and are particularly keen to accept referrals from patients who have become institutionalised.

We accept patients with significant behavioural difficulties, particularly those declined by other rehabilitation units or whose needs are currently not being met elsewhere. Each care pathway is supervised by senior psychology practitioners and are compliant with the Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act codes of practice.

Our new facility in Hawthorne House, situated in the heart of England is well served by transport links and welcomes patients from Coventry and further afield who will benefit from the exceptional rehabilitative care we offer, as a bridge between hospital care and supported living.


Referrals can be made by family members as well as by the NHS Health and Social Care Teams, Community Mental Health Teams and Clinical Nurse Specialist Teams for Younger People with Dementia.

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