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Choosing a Care Home in the Midlands

Selecting the right care home is a crucial decision. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, you need to ensure it’s the right environment, with the best care. When you’re looking for a care home in the Midlands, you need to consider the location, but also the treatments and facilities that any home can offer. St Matthews Healthcare has care homes in Northampton and Coventry, offering a range of specialist care options, including nursing, day care, brain injury rehabilitation, and dementia care. To choose the right care home, make sure you take into account various criteria, such as the ones suggested below.

Care Home Types

The first thing you need to know when you select a care home in the Midlands is the different types of care home on offer. Which type of care home is most suitable will depend on the person’s needs and how each home can cater to them. Care homes can provide different levels of care, as well as specialist therapies and treatments for certain health conditions. For example, several of our homes offer dementia care or assistance for people with long-term mental health problems. Some care homes provide personal care only, such as help with bathing and dressing, while others offer nursing care.

Choosing the Right Location

The exact location of a care home is important for a couple of reasons. One of them is that you might want the home to be in a location that’s easy to reach for any friends or family who want to visit. If you’re looking for a care home in the Midlands, you could find options spread across a fairly large area. You might want to look for somewhere with easy access to health services you already use, or you might be thinking about accessibility by road or public transport. Another thing to take into account is the surrounding area and what activities and opportunities it might allow.


The type of care offered is an important criterion for selecting a care home, but it’s not the only thing you want a care home to have. The other part of a care home is that it should truly be home for the residents, so the facilities, amenities and activities offered by a home are also essential things to keep in mind. You should consider things like both private and communal living space, outdoor areas to enjoy, and activity programmes. At our care homes in the Midlands, we have benefits like on-site hairdressers, sunrooms, and gardens.

Visit Potential Homes

Paying a visit to any care homes you have shortlisted will help you to decide which one is most suitable. You will have a chance to meet the staff, ask questions, and see what life is like in the home. You should also find out about the care home contract so you know what you’re signing before you sign it.

Choosing a care home isn’t something you should do in a hurry. Take time to work out what you’re looking for and find a home that fits your criteria.