Deciding If Assisted Living Is Right for You

When you or someone you love needs some extra care and support, there are several options available. You might consider home care, assisted living, residential care homes, or another option. Your decision can be influenced by how much support is required, funding options, and even the care that’s available close to where you live. Assisted living is just one of the possible choices, and it’s one that many people want to consider as a care option that can grow with a person’s needs. Like all care options, however, it’s not right for everyone, so it’s important to think about it carefully.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living, sometimes called extra care housing or very sheltered housing, offers a higher level of support than sheltered housing. In sheltered housing, people can live mostly independently, with occasional light support when they need it. Assisted living provides the option for further services, often delivered by on-site staff. Extra care housing provides self-contained flats for residents, but might receive meals, domestic help or personal care to help them stay somewhat independent but still cared for. When moving into extra care housing, residents don’t have to sign up for any support and can add it on later.

How It Is Provided and Funded

Thinking about how assisted living is provided and funded is an important part of deciding if it’s the right choice. Extra care housing is usually offered to rent or buy, which is why some people prefer it as a retirement option. Sometimes, it could be a possible care option from your local authority if you meet the eligibility criteria. Most people who live in extra care facilities are older people, but some of them can also have care needs not related to old age.

Questions to Ask for the Right Decision

If you’re considering assisted living as a care and residency option, there are some important questions you will want to ask yourself. Asking these questions will help you work out if it’s a suitable option. Here are some suggested questions to ask yourself:

● What are your care needs now or what do you expect them to be in the future?
● Will extra care housing provide enough care and support?
● Can you fund residency through personal income/savings or local authority funding?
● Is the accommodation suitable for couples?
● What options are available in your area, and what services do they provide?

Next Steps If Assisted Living Isn’t Right

Assisted living isn’t right for everyone. Some people might have needs that can’t be met in extra care housing or they might not be able to fund it. If it’s not the right choice for you, you need to consider what could be suitable instead. It might be that residents like those offered by St Matthews Healthcare could be more suitable for someone with specific needs. Some people might decide they want to stay in their own home, while others could require around-the-clock residential care.

Choosing the right type of care is a very personal decision, which can be emotional. Be careful not to rush too much and make sure you understand your options.