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Dementia Care: Essential Factors to Consider

When someone is dealing with dementia, finding the right care for them is a top priority. Anyone who has trouble looking after themselves and being independent might need a little help, or sometimes a lot, but not all care is equal or suitable for everyone. There is a variety of factors to consider to ensure the best care plan is developed and that the client is made as happy and comfortable as possible. Both people facing their own dementia diagnosis and their loved ones should understand the various facets of dementia care and the importance of approaching it from different angles.

The different types of dementia care and ways to approach caring for someone with dementia should be one of the first things you consider. Care can come in a few different forms, from in-home care to nursing homes. Working out which type of care is right for any individual involves assessing their needs, as well as several other factors, such as budget and availability of care options. Many people will find that home care, 24-hour residential care in a nursing home or similar environment, or sometimes a combination of both, are the best options.

When a diagnosis of dementia is received, it’s not uncommon for both the patient and their family to want them to stay at home as long as possible. At-home care might be provided by family and friends or professional carers. However, many dementia patients eventually need to move to a residential care facility to get the care that they need. Making this decision and choosing the correct service can be difficult, but it’s often the best choice. It might no longer be possible to provide adequate care at home, whereas many residential care homes have the facilities and the staff to offer the best treatment.

When choosing a dementia care facility, a home that provides care tailored to dementia patients is the ideal choice. Although dementia is usually incurable, treatments and therapies have been developed through thorough research to help give dementia sufferers the best quality of life. St Matthews Healthcare provides residential care in homes that are designed to support the independence of our residents, some of whom are younger than typical dementia patients. Benefits include secure accommodation and occupational therapists, as well as visiting GPs, dentists and aromatherapists. Special attention to dementia treatment is important, but so is treating each resident as an individual.

One of the most important things to consider when ensuring the best dementia care is the different elements involved in keeping someone happy and healthy. Treating dementia means treating the whole person and taking care of all their needs. That’s why our homes promote independence, don’t limit visiting hours, encourage hobbies, and offer a range of activities and outings for residents to participate in. Staying social and being an individual shouldn’t be neglected when someone has dementia.

Choosing the right dementia care isn’t a decision that it’s possible to rush. It should be considered from all angles to ensure the right choice is made.