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Dementia Care Plan

Over the years the world as a whole has made an attempt to understand dementia much better. It has received more coverage in the media, and as a result, people are learning more about it and handling difficult situations more effectively.

You may know of Monty Python star Terry Jones. In may 2014 he noticed problems with his health after he couldn’t remember his lines during a live Monty Python show. He used to be able to recall his lines with ease, but even his friend Michael Palin knew there was a problem when he had to use a teleprompter. His daughter Sally noticed that he spoke up less and less during dinner parties, where he always used to the one to lead a conversation. In 2015, Jones was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia, a type that affects the front and sides of the brain. He still loves seeing his friends, he just cannot express how glad he is to see them, according to his daughter. He still recognises everybody with this type of dementia, he just acts a little more impulsively than he usually would. For instance, eating his birthday cake before blowing out the candles.

David Baddiel has also opened up about dementia recently after his father was diagnosed with the condition. His type of dementia is rare, known as Pick’s Disease. This type of dementia affects the personality. David explains that his personality was always brash, but it took a turn upon diagnosis that made him difficult to be around. He would make sexually inappropriate comments, and David now prefers to visit alone rather than with his children. This just goes to show David’s accuracy when he says that people have a very narrow view of what Dementia really is, and that it can affect people in a variety of different ways. Although David says that his father’s condition is frightening, he admits he does wish to establish some sort of emotional connection with him before he passes, although he’s not sure how it will happen.

St Matthews Healthcare provides expert care to enable people who are living with dementia to live a high quality of life. We put a focus on an early dementia care plan, the different types of dementia, and help to keep the identity of the person alive – focusing on them as an individual, rather than the disease itself. Residents are involved in their Dementia care plan, and independence is promoted while keeping them safe.

To care for somebody with dementia, you need specialist skills and boundless compassion. Expert round the clock care is provided by St Matthews Healthcare, allowing residents to improve their physical and mental well-being in a way that many don’t believe is possible. Care at St Matthew’s focuses on the individual needs and interests of residents, allowing them to enjoy meaningful activities.

Whatever the level of dependency a resident has, St Matthews Health Care support is provided with compassion, and dignity is always maintained. Residents will always feel safe and loved with the people around them.