Our Care Type

St Matthews Healthcare provides professional, personalised and
dedicated intensive care, whilst also promoting physical
wellbeing and happiness.

Dementia Care

Seeing the person and not the disorder is at the heart of our approach at St Matthews Healthcare. This is especially important for the care of people living with dementias, where it is vital that people’s individuality, their social status and personal interests are nurtured.

We care for people with a range of dementias, including younger people with dementia and those with alcohol-related dementia at two sites in Northampton. We also care for people living with advanced forms of dementia and demonstrating challenging behaviour, providing compassionate and supportive care, in a safe and homely environment.

Our homes are designed to promote independence and the opportunity for people to stay healthy and express themselves, for example through gardening, using sensory areas or making the most of our massage and beauty salon. The accommodation is secure, but our staff support people to enjoy regular outings to areas of local interest for stimulation and to help people feel part of the wider community.

There are spacious areas for socialising and people are encouraged to live independently and be proactive about pursuing hobbies and interests that may have fallen by the way-side before coming to live with us. As with all our homes, friends and family are not restricted by visiting hours and can come and go by arrangement with service users.

Our occupational therapists and activities co-ordinators work together to ensure that residents have access to a variety of activities which promote health and well being.

Our tenants have the benefit of a visiting GP, dentist and aromatherapist to help Kingsthorpe Grange dental and general The Avenue meet their medical, wellbeing needs.


Referrals can be made by family members as well as by the NHS Health and Social Care Teams, Community Mental Health Teams and Clinical Nurse Specialist Teams for Younger People with Dementia.

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