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Residential Care

Living with dementia is not only difficult for the person suffering from the disease, but for the people around them. You want to know that your loved one is safe, happy, and cared for while they learn to live with their condition. The ethos at St Matthews Healthcare allows residents to do just that. Living each day to the full is encouraged at St Matthew’s, and each person is a valued member of the community. Individuality and diversity is celebrated, and staff at our residential care homes will always go the extra mile for residents, remembering birthdays and anniversaries.

Activities At Our Residential Care Homes 
The staff at St Matthew’s put a huge focus on the well-being and mental health of residents. Staff make a special effort to chat with residents about the world around them and help to connect them with the local community. Residents are encouraged to pursue their interests, whether this is gardening, socialising, or simply relaxing. A range of activities can be participated in with the help of the activities co-ordinator. Gentle exercise and social interaction are always encouraged, as these things have a positive impact on self-esteem and sense of purpose. Keeping people on the move will greatly help physical and mental well-being, so tai chi, reiki, and meditation sessions are set up to help with this and aid relaxation. Residents are also encouraged to help in the garden, with the opportunity to grow their own produce if they wish. Seeing the first crocuses coming up in the spring or harvesting beans and radishes is very rewarding.

The activities program at our residential care homes gives residents something to look forward to. This could be attending a community event or enjoying a chair yoga session. Regular coffee mornings and bingo sessions are held, and extremely popular among residents. St Matthews maintains strong links with local organisations, and local members of the community are invited to social events. This helps residents to feel like a part of the wider world around them.

Residents can also enjoy watching films and popular TV shows in the dedicated cinema room and these often provide stimulating discussions amongst residents and staff. For the more creative types, craft sessions and knitting clubs always result in some wonderful works of art and clothing. St Matthews supports people who want to develop new skills or explore their interests, be that researching their family tree on the internet or perhaps learning about calligraphy.

The ‘Gentleman’s Club’ at St Matthew’s is also very popular, complete with card games, food, and a range of alcoholic drinks. We not only promise our residents a healthy menu reflecting people’s tastes and dietary requirements, but we use the high-quality ingredients and cook all our dishes from scratch on the premises.

Maintaining Relationships
Maintaining people’s relationships outside of the home is encouraged, and residents are helped to send emails and use Skype in order to contact friends and relatives that may not be able to visit or those who live far away.

Maintaining Appearance
St Matthews understands that enabling residents to keep looking and feeling their best is important for well-being. Residents are encouraged to take care of themselves, and as such, a hairdresser, manicurist, chiropodist and dentist all visit the premises regularly.

Staff At St Matthew’s
Ensuring staff at St Matthew’s receive the necessary training and support to deliver person-centred and compassionate care is a priority for us. Our recruitment, induction and continuous professional development opportunities are designed to attract and retain the very best nurses and care staff for our residential care homes . Our support staff, chefs, and maintenance staff also undergo a rigorous assessment to ensure they share our commitment to delivering excellence for our clients.