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St Matthews Healthcare provides professional, personalised and
dedicated intensive care, whilst also promoting physical
wellbeing and happiness.

Specialist Rehabilitation

Specialist rehabilitation is available for men of working age, whose complex mental health needs require secure hospital care; this includes people with challenging behaviour linked to Asperger’s, high functioning autism and borderline learning disability. We have provision for those who have been detained under the Mental Health Act, as well as those who have been in contact with the criminal justice system.

We offer compassionate, non-judgemental care and each service-user is involved in designing their care programme, with the ultimate goal of re-engagement with the community. Our highly skilled multidisciplinary team includes an occupational therapist who works with each individual to identify their personal needs and goals.

People are encouraged to participate in health and fitness activities, creative projects, gardening and other social and leisure opportunities. Over time we support people to pursue activities in the community, such as volunteering, work placements and learning opportunities to increase their knowledge, skills and self-belief.

We strive to develop and nurture therapeutic rather than custodial relationships, however all care plans include ongoing risk assessment (using the HoNOS-secure security rating*) and where appropriate individual control and choice is restricted.

We host professional seminars on mental illness, the rationale for pharmacological treatments and relapse prevention and embed this best practice in the care we provide.

* The HoNOS security measure is recommended by the English National Service Framework for Mental Health and by the working group to the Department of Health on outcome indicators for severe mental illnesses.


Referrals can be made by family members as well as by the NHS Health and Social Care Teams, Community Mental Health Teams and Clinical Nurse Specialist Teams for Younger People with Dementia.

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